To provide exceptional, affordable eyewear that reflects customer lifestyle and design worldwide.

To ensure the New York lifestyle is embraced around the globe through our high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and affordable prices.

Over 20 years ago, NYS Collection Eyewear began its journey with Brooklyn natives Sal Babbino and Marc Behar. Babbino, CEO, began his expertise in business with a t-shirt and hat cart within the heart of the World Trade Center in 1996. After graduating from Hofstra University in 1996, Behar pursued a career on Wall Street. This childhood friendship and passion for business is what brought these two together to purchase their first sunglass cart adjacent to Babbino’s t-shirt and hat cart. Since then, the business began to bloom. Soon after, Babbino and Behar decided to move a facility where inventory was not flowing into their 1,600 square foot apartment. Today, NYS Collection Eyewear resides in Marlboro, NJ. With over 100 locations in the nation and over 200 locations worldwide, NYS Collection Eyewear is home to one of the best Franchise Programs around the globe and is still growing daily.

Salvatore Babbino


Babbino initiates franchising opportunities and manages retail practices. He is also an expert in merchandising and style development.


Behar specializes in product and inventory management. He also oversees the operations and distribution of NYS Collection Eyewear.

Marcos (Marc) Behar